As time goes by technology development, excellence and usage are increasing. Therefore, in addition to social media, the use of the Internet for business purposes is increasing day by day. Every doctor, physician or business organization is promoting their products and services through a website. As a result, they are taking various benefits including promotion and expansion of their business, and services through the website, so why not the doctors of Bangladesh? Keeping all these things in mind, some of the important benefits of having a website are discussed below:

  • Any physician, doctor, medical student, or organization involved in the health system can promote and expand their services and business using the website at a very low cost.
  • Patients and clients can view the various information published on the website anytime, any day from any place and know about the doctors, and institutions involved in the health system.
  • Physicians, doctors, and organizations involved in the health system can update their information at any time from any place.
  • Through certain systems, immediate information can be published on the website or blog and various notices can be given.
  • Writing articles on various diseases on the website discussing their prevention and treatment can increase the confidence of the doctor towards the patients, also adding audio, video, still images, animation, etc. Telemedicine services i.e. patients can be dealt with at home or abroad and many more things can be done.
  • Patients can download required information from the website x-ray report, blood test report etc.
  • Big organizations and corporations use the website as their important medium for marketing their brand and for their services and business transactions internationally.
  • A good website of a doctor can quickly and easily gain familiarity with patients and build trust.
  • Due to the presence of various government websites, we can easily collect and know many necessary information. Similarly, through a doctor’s website, one can easily know when the doctor sees the patient, how the appointment will be made, how many visits, what day the patient is seen, etc.
  • Today, because of the use of websites, today everyone does research online first, which doctor is good. So if you don’t have a website, you are missing the biggest opportunity.

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