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For every sale generated, you will get a commission of $30 to $90 along with attractive gifts. Affiliates who generate 30 sales in a month will be gifted an Aprilia GPR motorcycle.

Best affiliate program Ever

We build websites for companies, individuals and businesses.  Anyone can join our affiliate program and share their affiliate link with those who need a website. pays you a 10% affiliate commission. You will get $30 to $90  per sale generated. If you generate 1 to 10 sale per day you can earn $9,000 to $27,000 in a month. Our affiliates earn much more than any conventional jobber in Asia. Many employees have left their job and joined our affiliate program to make a living.

Earn in just three steps

Instant sign up

Sign up in less than a minute. Totally free. Verify your email and get access to your affiliate dashboard.

Share affiliate link

Copy your affiliate link by accessing the affiliate dashboard and share it on your website, social media and YouTube channel.

Get your commission

We share income fairly. 10% commission of every sale is added to your account. We pay 1 time in a month when you reach $300.


30 day cookie

You will get commission even if the customer delays the purchase for 30 days.

Real-time tracking

Traffic and sales are recorded instantly. As a result, you will immediately see it on the dashboard.

Attractive gift

Affiliates who generate 16 sales in a month will be gifted an Aprilia GPR 150 motorcycle.

Monthly payout

If your balance is more than $ 300, you can withdraw 1 time per month.

Advertising banner

We provide banners and motion graphics for online advertising and promotion. As a result, you can quickly attract the attention of customers.

Easy Payment

Paypal, Payoneer, bKash and Bank transfer withdrawal facility 1 time per month.

Affiliates’ comments

“Earned 33,000 taka by generating only 8 sales in a month. I spent one/two hours a day. It is very easy to earn 2 lakh taka if you give regular time.”

Selim Reza

Mobile Number: 01968-350417

“Luckily, I got 9,000 Taka from one sale on the first day. I hope tomorrow I can complete 10,000 Taka and withdraw money from bKash.”

Rakibul Islam

Mobile Number: 019177-462342

“In the first 2 weeks I couldn’t make any sales but in the next 10 days I made 12,000 Taka after 3 sales but deducted 1200 Taka for tax.”

Ismile Hossain

Mobile Number: 01868-390002

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